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Solutions for the
"connected world"

ClouDepend Systems offers world class test & measurement solutions for the networking industry. Our handpicked test-automation solutions can ease your challenges in testing functional and benchmark testing for new product development. Shorten your release cycle for high-speed ethernet equipment, WiFi access points, SD-WAN devices, real-world network emulation and several other network devices with our end-to-end test automation suites. Accelerate further with our professional services to support all your testing requirements.

We specialize in

Network Equipment Testing

AI/ML to improve Telecom QoE

Zero Trust Protection

Timing & Synchronization

Network Visibility


Test & Measurement Equipments

5G, High Speed Ethernet, Wireless, WiFi, Timing & Synchronization

Every new product you design requires rigorous testing for functional accuracy and performance. Testing network equipment is a complex process requiring emulation of multiple traffic scenarios, verifying tolerance limits and benchmarking. Our automated test solutions will automate a significant part of your testing effort and improve release cycles

Application Security & Network Visibility

Secure Critical asset, Improve your code vulnerability and test it's performance

Zero Trust Network Access

Static Application Security Testing 

Packet Brokers, Bypass switches, Taps

Professional Services.jpg

Professional Services

Consultants in various sectors offering expertise and manpower

Test as a Service

CI/CD Automation

Global Sales Support

Engineering Services

Why ClouDepend?

We bring niche products with a true balance of it's value v/s price

Transformation of digital networks to achieve capacity expansion and manageability of QoS introduces newer challenges like - Network Robustness, SLA monitoring, Complex Security needs and Network Compliance.

ClouDepend take a holistic approach to balance between the coolness of latest technology and validated it's practical use case

Our Clients

Why companies like ClouDepend?

"Excellent understanding of R&D Priorities and work flow"

"Highly collaborative organisation. Always willing help"

"Experts in Global Sales Strategies"

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